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BRC is a non-profit, non-political, multidisciplinary base. Its headquarter is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Our main focus, till date, has been on the bear conservation in Pakistan, through curbing bearbaiting. 

Therefore, the major part of our present strategies and projects are designed in this perspective and BRC has many successes at its claim with regard to these projects.

For this purpose BRC has Employed staff to monitor the prospective bearbaiting events, so that appropriate actions can be taken well in time.
Set up a facility to house the confiscated bears at the Kund Bear Sanctuary, in the province of NWFP, having a capacity to accommodate 30-40 bears.

Established a set up to arrange visits to schools and mosques to create awareness against bearbaiting among masses. 
Assisted Pakistani authorities in development of a bear registration scheme which can be used to monitor bears in captivity......


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