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"This sacred place reminds of the treasure which we were born into and which many of us through unawareness or worse through a desire to make a profit have forgotten or have sold or allowed to be destroyed.
To see a pure ecology, the plants, rocks, the dry brown earth, the birds, a lizard, and above all the rescued bears, all of this speaks to a place in us so deep, we forget it is our center.
To live away from our center of being is to slowly die. to remember the center is to renew our hope, for a kinder world, for humans and fro all the Allah's creatures.
There are no words deep enough to thank the people who work here, and by their care fro everything here, reminds us to care for the many treasures of the planet and of the community of human beings.

Comments by Honorable Dr. John Robert Hajj Ross on his visit to Balkasar Bear Sanctuary


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