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Bioresearch Research Centre (BRC) is conducting research on every discipline of Zoology. Herpetology is the branch of Zoology that deals with the study of reptiles and amphibians. Despite of the significant differences in class amphibia and reptilia, zoologists name them in a same group, due to their morphological and physiological similarities. Reptiles are classified into 4 orders and 8225 species are identified so far. These include crocodiles, lizards, snakes and turtles. 6,500 species of amphibians are categorized into 3 orders (Anura, Caudata and Gymnophiona). Experts of herpetology at BRC study their classification, anatomy, physiology, ecology and behavior.


Research Process

Detailed research and analysis is conducted on reptiles and amphibians in the labs of BRC. Zoology labs are equipped with all the latest equipment of research. Samples of these species are collected and research is carried out under the supervision of specialized herpetologists. Samples are collected from global and local sighting results. Local sighting results are recorded from inhabitants of the area, field workers and camera or video results. Specific areas are constantly monitored, samples are collected and sighting results are derived. Their habitat, feeding pattern and breeding season is observed and a detailed report is made on these Reptiles and Amphibians by our herpetologists.

  • Samples are mostly taken from the areas which are monitored by BRC as its National Park projects including Dhirkot Nature Reserves (DNR), Toli Pir National Park (TNP), Banjosa Game Reserve (BGR), Pir Lasura National Park (PLNP) Pir Chinasi, Pir Hassimar National Park (PCPHNP) and Deva Vatala National Park (DVNP).
  • BRC has setup its own centre at Balkasar. Turtles are kept at balkasar centre and their feed management is monitored with behavior and habitat. Currently various species of turtles are under observation. Main research
  • topic of turtles is:

Some aspects of biology, behavior and habitat of different freshwater turtles of Pakistan

Future perspective:

    • Molecular study of preserved vipers
    • Besides with some future aim, BRC head quarter has preserved samples of viper snakes
    • Almost every reptile and amphibian species present in Pakistan is under observation but there is a plan to conduct detailed research study on all species to explore new facts.

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