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Recent Flood in Pakistan badly destroyed the Kund Park Sanctaury, resulting in the tragic death of 20 of the 23 bears living there. Initially it was feared that all of the 23 bears at Kund Park had been lost but Babu, Maylu and Sohrab were found alive in the floodwaters.

BRC is a non-profit, non-political, multidisciplinary base. Its headquarter is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Our main focus, till date, has been on the bear conservation in Pakistan, through curbing bearbaiting. Therefore, the major part of our present strategies and projects are designed in this perspective and BRC has many successes at its claim with regard to these projects. For this purpose BRC has:Cont...

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Research Endorsements
Free Taxonomy Support Library GIS Computer Lab
Research Stations
Herpetology Research Station, Kund
Herpetology Research Station is located at Kund at the junction of Indus and Kabul continue....
Mammalian Research Station,      Kund
Mammalian Research Station is located at Kund, spreading over an area of 12 hectare continue....
Biophysics Research Station, Islamabad
Biophysics (also biological physics) is an interdisciplinary science that employs continue....
Avian Research Station,

Avian Research Station started in 2003, is located in Islamabad at BRC Headquarter continue....
Molecular Ecology Research Station, Islamabad
Molecular Ecology Research group was established in January, 2005 at BRC continue....
Micro Biology Research Station, Islamabad
Micro Biology Research Station is located in Islamabad at BRC Headquarter continue....

Institute of Natural Resource Management Offering Courses of GIS and HRM

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