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Hydro-ecology Lab:

Hydro-ecology is the discipline which deals with the study of wetland support systems. The interaction between water and wildlife habitats is studied in detail in this discipline. Hydro-ecology is basically a tool for assessment of impact of any kind of development on wet land. The scientists of hydro-ecology check that development must not affect ditches, streams, rivers, small low lying wetlands and other water shed areas. Water dependent ecosystem and even wet lands are the vital sources of maintaining bio-diversity.

Bioresource Research Center (BRC) has also started several projects for wet land support. Special hydro-ecology lab is established at BRC Head quarter Islamabad. The main aim of development of this lab is maintaining a balance between the water needs of society and environment. Long-term future

planning is done to understand the phenomena of ground water with its physical, biological and chemical mechanisms. Water shed management is also done by the scientists and researchers of BRC. BRC targets to monitor the water resources and organize them effectively for wildlife and humans.  Latest tools and techniques are used in hydro-ecology lab to develop the projects accordingly and provide accurate wetland assessments results. Our hydro-ecological researches cover the areas of ecology, geomorphology, hydrology, hydro-geology, pedology and hydro-chemistry.

    Facilities Available:
    • Water sampler
    • Chloride probe
    • Galvain dissolve oxygen censor electrolyte probe
    • See snake 9.5 mm (burrowers viewer)
    • Infra red hair triggered camera trap
    • Games spy i60 camera trap
    • Song meter
    • Aerial phone
    • SMX-II-Microphone(birds)
    • SMX-US-Microphone(bats)
    • Canopy meter (Densitometer)
    • Digital laser range finder
    • 500* binocular
    • Clino-Master
    • Electronic digital calliper
    • Lux meter (photolux)
    • Rain guage
    • Soil analyzer (manual) (N,P,K. Ph)
    • Protometer
    • Temperature + humidity meter
    • 1004 Ammonium probe kit
    • 1005 chloride probe kit
    • 1003 pH/orp probe


    Future Perspectives:
    During research our scientists noticed that complex hydro-ecological systems are difficult to understand so there is a need to develop future perspective plan which is as under:

      • Build up a strong track record system to work on wetlands and hydro-ecology
      • Wetland ecosystem study
      • Develop a conceptual model of each wetland
      • Establish a clear picture of designing new wetlands
      • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS)

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