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 Ichthyology is a branch of Zoology which deals with the study of fish species.

Bioresouce Research Centre (BRC) is the center of all researches in the field of Zoology. Currently researches are being conducted on Ichthyology. Ichthyology is a branch of Zoology in which fish species are studied in detail. Practically this branch is connected with Marine Biology, Limnology and Fisheries Science.  Expert ichthyologists, marine biologists and fisheries scientists are conducting researches in the field to explore the study of classification, life spam, history, anatomy, ecology, behavior, breeding of fish with aquarium keeping and maintenance. Until 2010, 31,500 species of fish had been discovered.

And there is addition of approximately 250 species each year.  The identifying features of class ichytes (fish) are:  They have stream lined body, have a vertebral column; bodies are covered with overlapping scales and have gills for gaseous exchange.

BRC has setup Molecular Biology Research station, based in Islamabad Headquarter. The project has been started to work out on the taxonomical ambiguities associated with Masheer (genus: Tor) found throughout Pakistan. Our study will cover the Masheer from Kashmir, river Jehlum, Peshawar and river Zhob (Baluchistan). Our main target is to identify the population genetic status by using RAPD and SSR markers. Identification of species, found in Pakistan, is also done (Tor tor, Tor Putitora and Tor macrolepis) through specie specific markers.

Special pond for fish has been developed at Balkasar by BRC. The Studies under progress are:
Food and feeding biology of fish, including:

  1. Sole
  2. Rohu (Labeo rohita)
  3. Carps

Pond is maintained by experts of fisheries sciences. Planning is being made to conduct detailed research based studies on diversity levels of fish, their evolution, reproduction, fish interaction and communication structures, their habitat and ecology. New fish species will be added into the pond for expanding the process of research. BRC scientists are playing significant role in the field of Ichthyology. Latest techniques and methods are used to explore the hidden facts regarding fish species.


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