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Volume 2 Issue 13, October & November, 2013, Editor Zulfiqar Ali, Associate Editor Madeeha Manzoor, Editor Photography Usman Hanif, Publisher: Zulfiqar ALi G-6/4, Islamabad, Pakistan.
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Karachi, March 27, 2013: A meeting was called by The Brooke at the
Beach Luxury hotel today to address equine welfare concerns in
Pakistan. The objective of the meeting was to form working groups on advocacy and legislation that would contribute towards a better
environment for horses, donkeys and mules. The participants included relevant stakeholders from private organisations as well as government officials.
The Brooke is an international organisation whose motto is “healthy
working animals for the world’s poorest communities”. They reach up to 3,90,000 horses, donkeys and mules across 26 districts of Pakistan. They also work in partnerships with the government as well as with other NGOs to ensure best use of existing infrastructure and local knowledge. Of the estimated 4.7 million equines in Pakistan, The
Brooke hope to benefit with the help of partners 0.25 million equines by 2014. Pakistan Animal Welfare Society co-founders Maheen Zia and Mahera Omar attended the meeting and volunteered to join the advocacy group. Compassion towards animals must be inculcated in society, especially amongst children, so they grow up to be sensitive towards the needs of
all sentient beings.