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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Forest Cover Increased From 17 to 19 Percent

In contrast to general perception of massive deforestation, the forest cover in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) has increased from 17 per cent to 19 per cent,  according to Provincial Environment and Forest More>>>

Low Indus Flow Threatens Crops in Sindh

Ali Jamal is still waiting for irrigation water to reach his parched land in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province – and it is now almost too late for him to get a cotton crop this year.“ have prepared the land, made furrows and broadcast cotton More>>>

Bengal Tigers and White Lions Arrived at Karachi Zoo

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation succeeded in bringing four imported big cats to the Karachi zoo after getting clearance from the customs authorities, though it did not acquire the mandatory no-objection certificate (NOC) from the Islamabad More>>>>

Industries Asked to Follow the Environmental Laws

Sindh Environment Minister Sheikh Afzal has said that the government alone cannot control the growing menace of environmental pollution and urged all stakeholders to join hands to overcome this problem. Speaking at the inauguration More>>>
An acute shortage of water in the Saifullah Magsi Branch (SMB) and Shahdadkot (SKT) branch canals, which irrigate about 345,000 acres of land in Qambar-Shahdadkot district and parts of Larkana District, has affected the sowing of More>>>

Planatation of Mangroves

A project for plantation of mangroves over 500 hectares was formally inaugurated on the coastline along Korangi Creek near, Lat Basti. The project kicked off with ceremonial plantation of mangrove saplings at the proposed site More>>>

Harvest old trees in Chitral Forest

 Elders of villages southern Chitral in the have said that forest cover in their areas is quite safe and commercial scale harvest of old deodar trees should be allowed.Speaking at a press conference here the other day, the elders, including More>>>

Illegal Hunting: Migratory Birds Face Extinction

Extinction will be the ultimate fate for the currently endangered migratory birds flying through Pakistan due to widespread illegal hunting. The National Assembly Standing Committee 

Higher Peacock Virus Claims Expected

The aggressive pattern of the invasion of Newcastle Disease Virus( NDV) over the last two years in Thar shows that the virus is likely to emerge in a more lethal form next year and there is a dire need for vaccination of More>>>

Markhor Conservation Paying Dividends in Pakistan

Pakistan's national mammal makes a comeback: A new study shows that the markhor - a majestic wild goat species - is making a remarkable comeback in Pakistan due to conservation efforts. Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) led community More>>>

Motion for Treaty on  Mercury Control

Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), the country’s independent think tank in a statement issued here has called upon global community to come up with a legally bundied Global Mercury Treaty to protect wildlife,      ecosystems and health from hazardous affects of mercury. The press statement declares that SDPI has moved a motion for a legally bended Treaty on Mercury Control to the upcoming IUCNs “World Conservation Congress 2012” to be held in Jejo, Republic of Korea. The draft motion has garnered an overwhelming support from different organizations across More>>>


Call for Extension in Baroghil Park Project

Conservationists have called upon the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to provide funds for continuing Baroghil National Park project to ensure conservation of a number of species of mammals, including, snow leopard, Himalayan More>>>

MHNP, Margala Hills Hub of Biodiversity

Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP) inhabits a wide variety of birds and    animals and hardly anywhere else in the country one can see such a large diversity in such a small area. Main reason for high diversity of birds in MHNP is More>>>
The country’s biggest pool for dolphins show will be completed within stipulated time here at Pakistan Maritime Museum. The development and designing works for first of its kind, state-of-the-art mega pool is underway at a faster pace, 80x50 feet in dimension and 14 feet deep pool will be completed next month before the arrival of dolphins from Russia. At present, 40 percent of the  work has been completed in which major infrastructure has been constructed whereas the rest of the work includes the designing and finishing of the project, Mustafa Kamal, CEO TBI said. Special team is working More>>>

Ugliness Behind Beautified And Greener Rawalpindi

All our city planners and managers seem to know about making Rawalpindi green where tree plantation and ‘beautification’ projects are occasionally launched  That’s what PHA – the Parks and Horticulture Agency More>>>

Planting Seeds of Permaculture in Pakistan

The life of a farmer has become tougher than ever. Fertiliser prices have gone up by 86% to Rs 1,580 per bag in December 2011 from Rs850 per bag in December 2010, not to mention the indirect effect the price increase has on consumers More>>>

Modern Farming Techniques for Swat

An NGO is implementing “South Waziristan Development Initiatives Project” a part of “FATA Strategy” funded by the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) to enable the poor farmers to earn their livelihood honorably. As per a  statement issued under the project, a total of 330 farmers have been trained in agriculture and livestock sectors in different villages in the region. Besides, under LEP unit of PPAF, SABAWON, the NGO, is providing vocational and technical training to the war stricken communities of SWA to improve their livelihoods.  The ongoing More>>>

Livestock Emergency:Vat Camp on Buffalo Epidmic Fears

Livestock Deputy Director, Dr Muhammad Sohail said that there were no deaths in Toba Paandhi Wala since the camp was set up. He said the farmers had been advised not to keep their cattle in the open and to keep them hydrated. More>>>

Hybrid Livestock can Cut Emissions Deforestation

Syed Raiz Hussain, Director-General of the northern region’s Animal Husbandry Department, said animals obtained by breeding local cows or goats with exotic breeds are more productive than pure local brands, enabling More>>>

KMC has Free Hand in Zoos Affair

The absence of legislation deprives the 300 animals standard facilitate on animal-keeping, a serious flaw that gave unquestionable authority to the administration of KMC and even to visitors over the rights of animals, compromising their well-being. Another major obstacle in upgrading the facilities for captive animals, they pointed out, was the absence of administrative and financial autonomy and an acute shortage of trained staff at the facilities. According to unidentified sources, the money generated by these facilities through visitor fee and other recreational services More>>>

Kalash Valleys Demand Inclusion in Unesco World Heritage

The Kalash valleys is changing fast. Unauthorised construction, destruction of forests and smuggling of timber were the external factors that were affecting the Kalash community, while increasing pressure of More>>>

Karakoram Glaciers Unaffected by Global Warming

Glaciers nestling under the shadows of Diran and Rakaposhi, two towering peaks in the Karakoram Range of northern Pakistan, remain impervious to global warming and have even grown slightly in recent years More>>>

Remote Sensing of Suspended Particulate Matter in Himalayan Lakes

This study presents satellite data and in situ measurements to estimate the      concentration of suspended solids in high altitude and remote lakes of the Himalayas. Suspended particulate matter (SPM) concentrations measured in 13 lakes to the south of Mount Everest (Nepal) in October 2008 and reflectance values of the Advanced Visible and Near Infrared Radiometer Type 2 (AVNIR- 2) onboard ALOS, acquired a few days after the fieldwork activities concluded, were combined to build a relationship More>>>

Pakistan May Suffer Worst Climate Change

Considerable increase in frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, erratic monsoon rains, floods, droughts and rising sea level are indicators of Pakistan’s vulnerability to drastic climate change which could be More>>>

Climate Change Threatens Nepal Snow Leopard

Nepal’s elusive snow leopards, thought to number just 500 in the wild, are under threat from warmer and wetter weather in the Himalayas which is reducing their habitat, a new study says. Changing weather patterns are pushing forests More>>>

12 Step Guide to Combatting Drought and Desertification

Soaring temperatures and low precipitation could not occur at a worse time for many farmers in the United States, and around the world. Intensifying drought conditions are affecting corn and soybean crops throughout the Midwest More>>>

Elephant Tusks Seized At Cape Town Airport

While on a routine inspection, South African customs officials spotted a suspicious activity at a Cape Town airport storage facility, and upon further investigation they came across parcels indicating the presence of elephant tusks. After More>>>

Greenland Ice Sheet Melted at Unprecedented Rate

The images provided by NASA shows the extent of surface melt over Greenland ice sheet on July 8,  and July 12,  In just a few days, the melting had dramatically accelerated and an estimated 97 per cent of the ice sheet surface had More>>>

Cross Conservation Promoting Wildlife Friendly Fences

A local conservation group is taking a different approach to traditional fencing, which keeps cattle on the pasture, but can also pose a dangerous barrier for young wildlife.The Cross Conservation Area (CCA) is using a new More>>>

Tiny Pacific Island Nations Create World's Largest Marine Parks

Cook Islands and New Caledonia place nearly 2.5 million square kilometres of south Pacific Ocean under protection Two of the world's smallest countries are to place nearly 2.5 million square kilometres of south Pacific Ocean in newly created marine protected areas. The Cook Islands, nation of 20,000 people on 15 islands, formally announced on Tuesday the creation of the world's largest marine park covering nearly 1.1m sq km, an area bigger than France and Germany. "This is our contribution not only to our own wellbeing but also to More>>>


 Pakistan is a specific geographical entity, placed at a specific location on the globe. Because of sharing its geography with different other regions/countries, this geographic entity has to have certain levels commonalities with the region or the other countries of the world. It is also liable of sharing the general   patterns of species distribution and influenced by different regional/ international trends. Population decline......... More>>>
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