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People Living Around Soan River Facing Extreme Water and Soil Polution

On the orders of Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the District Municipal Services (DMS) started a cleanliness campaign to prevent the outbreak of different diseases, particularly dengue fever, in the summer. No doubt, the More>>>

UN-Habitat and UNESCO Hold Arrange Seminar to Make Children Aware About Importance of Environment

UN-Habitat in collaboration with UNESCO held an advocacy seminar in Karachi on ‘Health Schools-Healthy Settlements’ to encourage healthy hygiene practices among children in schools. More>>>

Air Pollution Growing at an Alarming

Economic Survey 2012 released report regarding air pollution rise in urban parts of the country. The Survey said that a substantial body of research demonstrated that high concentrations of suspended particulate matter adversely affected human health. When exhaust from vehicles, More>>>

Slow and Inefficient Work of Tribune to Collect Fines has Relaxed the Polluters

The Punjab Environmental Tribunal was set up ten years before, and so far has almost unsuccessful in finalizing 2800 cases since 2002. Out of all these cases, only 435 had been decided, or around 15 percent, leaving 2,294 pending cases. And so far just 20 per cent of the total fines More>>>
A group of mango growers at Rahim Yar Khan has been trying to increase shelf life of mangoes for better quality and nutrition. Also the buyers can purchase the as fresh as they are at time of picking. Sardar Mohammad Khan Leghari has his own fruit farm and has involved a new technique of More>>>

Deforestation in Chitral is a Mere Propaganda, not Fact

Elders of forest areas of Arandu, Damil, Arsoon, Sheshi Koh, Ashrait and Kalash valleys in Chitral district have reiterated that no illegal and ruthless cutting of trees is going on in their areas and reports about deforestation are a mere propaganda advanced by certain elements.They warned that such propaganda could lead to More>>>
Climate Change Collapsed Indus Civilization Many Thousand Years Ago

 The Indus civilization was the largest – but least known – of the first great urban cultures that also included Egypt and Mesopotamia. The empire stretched over more than a million square kilometers across the More>>>
KPK Faces Rising Tempereature, Delayed Monsoon

People in most of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are expected to experience a difficult June as, according to Met officials, one to three heat waves can approach with temperature touching 45 degrees Celsius and above.Each of the heat waves would last four to  More>>>         

2012 Them: Green Economy: Does it Include You?

(UN Information Centre)- World Environment Day is an annual event that is aimed at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action. World Environment Day activities take place all year round but climax on 5 More>>>

Completion of Phase II of Marghazar Zoo Around the Corner

The city managers, this time, are optimistic about successful completion of Phase-II of the remodelling of Marghazar Zoo - an idea that was conceived in year 2007 but delayed for one reason or the other - as More>>>

Pakistan Facing Severe Climate Changes

The fact that India faces multiple environmental crises was highlighted by the government’s report on the impact of global warming across the country. The report, soon to be submitted to the U More>>>


Toxic Effluent into the Sea Causing Threat to Humans and Environment

While the government sits on the city’s sewerage project approved six years ago and appears content with its ineffective checks related to the environment, the continuous release of highly toxic effluent into the More>>>
Threat to Urdu Bazaar

It was also pointed out during the programme that Urdu Bazaar faced a persistent threat of flooding as the whole sewage from Clifton and parts of Saddar was going into the Chinna Creek where huge silt had accumulated. The sewage could flow back and More>>>

Many mammal species are going to disappear from wildlife list comprising Asiatic Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus), Indian Wild Ass (Equus hemionus khur) and Hangul (Cervus elaphus hanglu). More>>>

Bush Fire in Margallah Hills Uncontrollable for Officials

It appears that the city managers are helpless against bush fire at Margalla Hills as two more such incidents gutted a large area of the National Park.Contrary to the tall claims of Capital Development Authority (CDA) that it had More>>>

Nature Photography, Posters Competition

It appears that the city managers are helpless against bush fire at Margalla Hills as two more such incidents gutted a large area of the National Park.Contrary to the tall claims of Capital Development Authority (CDA) that it had made elaborate arrangements to control the fire, in the current summer season alone more than one dozen such incidents have been More>>>

Ostrich Chick Dies of Lung Infection in Karachi

The sudden death has disappointed the zoo officials who claim that the only ostrich chick left at the facility has suffered a setback and now his survival is also at risk.“We are saddened. The chick was perfectly normal though it was weak at the time of birth. It just collapsed,” said senior vet Dr Kazim Hussain, who is serving as zoo’s additional director. More>>>

Need to Establish a Steering Committee of Selevant Stakeholder Change to Protect Biodiversity in the Region

Juniper forests in Balochistan are a cultural treasure. These forests are located in Ziarat and Zargoon areas, of the province. The junipers in Balochistan are one of the biggest blocks in the world, but now slowly it is withering, as one can easily notice.  The juniper is a slow growing More>>>

Improvement in Agricultural system can Reduce Vulnerability to Climate Change

Agroforestry is gaining ground as a tool for climate change adaptation and mitigation in Central America, a region where global warming could generate losses equivalent to 19 percent of gross domestic product. More>>>

Over 2.6m Fry Released in Mangla Reservoir by AJK Anglers Association

There are no established hatcheries in AJK, which is why the fish released into the Mangla Dam reservoir had to be bought from outside. To raise fish production of Mangla Dam reservoir, the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Anglers Association released over 2.6 More>>>

Biodiversity of Karakoram National Park in Danger, Biodiversity at risk

Unchecked deforestation and hunting at the Central Karakoram National Park has threatened the biodiversity of Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B), experts said.The park which is spread over 10,000 square kilometres in five districts of G-B is a natural habitat for More>>>

Threat to Basmati Rice Export

Pakistan’s rice exports have developed some permanent features (some call them deterrents) that include: poor quality and poorer international prices, failure to develop brand and retail market share and permanently and dangerously, narrow base of More>>>

Markhor Makinga a Comeback due to Conservation Efforts

The Wildlife Conservation Society WCS announced that the markhor – a majestic wild goat species and a national symbol – is making “a remarkable comeback due to conservation efforts.”WCS-led community More>>>

Procedure for Animal Procurement has Major Loopholes

A procedure followed by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) to procure animals for Safari Park contains some serious flaws, including lack of a mechanism to verify the credentials of a company before awarding a contract for import of animals.Also, a prolonged procedure adopted by certain other departments for the verification of documents on the arrival of ‘imported’ animals leaves loopholes open for financial irregularities and wildlife trafficking, the information collected from relevant officials shows.Sources said the KMC had awarded More>>>

Discussion on Sustainable Agriculture

Climate change is big threat to Pakistan therefore farmers should practice traditional knowledge and improve food security through sustainable agriculture. Shoaib Aziz, project manager Damaan Development Organisation (DDO) highlighted impact of climate change on sustainable More>>>

Margalla Hills National Park Core of  Faunal Diversity

Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP inhabits a wide variety of birds and animals and hardly anywhere in Pakistan one can see such a large diversity in such a limited area. Main reasons for high diversity of birds in MHNP are that this region combines many ecological components that together More>>>


Deforestation Worst Hits Mangroves

Mangrove forests have the highest rate of deforestation in the country followed by coniferous forests and riverine forests, according to a recently released paper prepared by a group of conservation activists.The position paper, Vanishing Riverine Forests of Sindh More>>>



The Vanishing Forests

Forests keep the planet alive and play a key role in the battle against climate change. Forests feed rivers and are essential in replenishing the water table; they maintain soil fertility and minimise the often devastating impact of storms, floods and fires. They are the green lungs of the earth. But despite all of these. More>>>

DNA Discovery Key to Drought Resistant Crops

Scientists have pinpointed the ‘stay green' DNA in barley in new research that may help farmers to grow better crops in areas of drought, heat and salinity.In an international collaboration, researchers studied a set of 292 barley accessions from the International Center for Agricultural and More>>

Past Pollution Lingers in Today’s Eco-policy

LTER was created by the National Science Foundation to conduct long time scale research on ecological issues that span huge geographical areas.In the article, researchers take a retrospective look at the impact of human activity on LTER More>>

Bees the key to flower colour evolution

Plants separated by vast oceans and 34 million years evolved to produce the same coloured flower petals because of their reliance on bees for pollination, according to new researchIn a study published today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society. More>>>

Chinese E-commerce Companies Crack down on Illegal Wildlife Trade

15 of the leading e-commerce sellers operating in China, including Alibaba, Taobao, and Tencent, have signed a declaration stating they have a zero-tolerance policy towards their services being used to conduct illegal More>>>

Sea level is continuously rising, scientists say

Rising sea levels cannot be stopped over the next several hundred years, even if deep emissions cuts lower global average temperatures, but they can be slowed down, climate scientists said in a study on Sunday.A lot of climate research shows that rising . More>>>

World’s smallest fly discovered in Thailand

At just 0.40 millimetres in length, it is 15 times smaller than a house fly and five times smaller than a fruit flyDo the world's smallest flies decapitate ants? A new species of phorid fly from Thailand is the smallest fly ever discovered. At just 0.40 More>>>

Climate Change causes narrowing of leaves

Climate change is driving adaptive shifts within species, but research on plants has been focused on phenology. Leaf morphology has demonstrated links with climate and varies within species along climate gradients. We predicted that, given within-species variation More>>>




Recent mishandling of the case of four falcons of a member of the UAE ruling family taken into custody at the Islamabad airport by custom/ wildlife authorities, leading to orders of Federal Tax Ombudsman for the payment of a compensation of Pak Rs. 36 millions. Falcons were taken into custody by custom authorities in involvement of the officials of the Wildlife Department on the pretext of insufficient documentation, and the prince was asked to complete formalities More>>>


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