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Meeting on Threatened Freshwater Turtles of Pakistan

Zoological Survey department of Pakistan organized one day workshop on the species of freshwater turtles on 13th April, 2012 attended by the NGO representatives, Federal and Provincial official and academia. The project was entitled as “Distribution and Status of Threatened Species of Freshwater Turtles in More>>>

Workshop Organized on GLOF Project in Chitral

Zoological Survey department of Pakistan organized one day workshop on the species of freshwater turtles on 13th April, 2012 attended by the NGO representatives, Federal and Provincial official and academia. The project was entitled as “Distribution and Status of Threatened Species of Freshwater Turtles in Selected Areas of Indus River System”. This workshop was conducted after two and a half year project work which was many supported appraise the outcome of, by Indus for All Programs of WWF Pakistan.The Secretary  Ministry of National Disaster Management, chaired, the workshop. Mr. Khurram Saeed, More>>>

Dog Fight, A Brual Game for Rich to Enjoy in Pakistan

Dogs are strong animals. People keep dogs for their security, safety, and some as a pet. Pakistan, dogs also mostly used in fighting events, for the sake of ride and honor. They are made to fight each other or against some large animal as bears. In Tangdhe Sayedan, a village in the Punjab ,dog fight events are frequent More>>>
WWF- Pakistan Board Asked to Start Biodiversity Information Centre

WWF-P held the meeting of its Board meeting in the office of Zoological Survey which was chaired by Mr. Khalid Mehmood on 12th of April. The Director of ZSD presented the functions and achievements of the organization. After this presentation, the board was requested to start work on the Pakistan More>>>
Indus blind dolphin has  become rare, because of stressful envirmmental and disturbs caused by fishing by the local fishermen. Another cruel practice by the local fishermen in Sindh, which is on the rise is the use of poison to catch the fish. This poison has proved to be extremely lathed against Indus blind dolphin More>>>

Dolphin Conservation in Pakistan: A Need of the Time

More liberalized fishing laws have critically affected the status of Indus blind dolphin in the River Indus, due to increasing fishing practices in Sindh. This  lead to death of 40 dolphins in River Indus last year. These observations were made by the marine mammal expert and International and Policy  Programme More>>>

Organic Roof Top Farming, the Edible Garden

The Environmental Science Department of Lahore College for Women University organized a training workshop, on ‘organic rooftop Farming”. Guset speaker was Najeeb Ahmad Chughtai, President of “Sul Survivor society”. He explained the various organic farming techniques. Also he demonstrated ways to utilize the waste materials of our daily life like disposable bottles, cans, jackets, glass, pipes, bags, socks, shoes, buckets, for cultivation of plants. The experts at the workshop stated that urban farming is More>>>

Tree Plantation in Khyber Agency

Forester (Block Officer), Falak Naz stated while talking to the media persons in Landi Kotal, ‘The tree plantation campaign has concluded in Landi Kotal,    Khyber Agency, and different kinds of saplings have been planted over seem 400 acre lands. Fruit plants will be planted in the coming plantation campaign”. He said that 350 acres of land in Dargai, Mirdad Khel and Pirokhel were brought under forestation while plantation on 100 acres in Bacha Mena and Torkham has been completed. Plantation on Pak-Afghan road is under More>>>         

Balochistan Ready to Initiate Energy Compensation

developmental projects, he told that feasibility report for execution of thermal power projects is also near completion on natural gaswells of Balochistan in Jhal, Magsi, Barkhan, Sorainj, and Qamamr Din Karez areas. He also said that these thermal power projects can also be executed in Karez and Nokandi areas in province.  He was of the opinion that proposed project of providing 1000 MW electricity from Iran to Pakistan through Balochistan and another proposed project of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline could More>>>

World's Highest Battlefield: A Source a Pollution

It has been since 1984 that India and Pakistani army have been fighting and defending their lands at the world’s highest battle field of Siachen. Experts say that their standoff at Siachen is not only costing their lives but also is destroying the environment. The military wastes being released by the army has resulted in leaching of poisonous materials in water that is affecting the people downstream across subcontinent. A huge avalanche on More>>>

Pakistan Still Behind at Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: Earth Summit 2012

In 2005, that is seven years ago, Karachi was supposed to got four effluent treatment plants, the cost of which was estimated to be 8 billion rupees, a portion of which was suppose to be paid by the Federal Government pay, but unfortunately government has not honoured any such commitment, and now it has been dumped like the other sustainable development projects. This was said by Gulzar Memon  former worker for Water Board. If this project is to be initiated now, it will cost upto 20 billion rupees. As per routine, due to lack of resources, human power, and political commitment this target was not More>>>


Twin city Residence enjoy colorful flower and bid Exibition

Spring is at its full swing. Everywhere we can see beautiful fragrant flowers and attractive bird’s enjoy the bliss of spring. Pir Mehar Ali Shah Arid Agricultural University while taking advantage of this time of the year, decided to organize a three day spring flower and fancy birds show. This show was well organized under the supervision of Department of Horticulture of the university. Flowers of different types were More>>>

Contagious Diseases: Warning for Sindh

Spread of different diseases among animals and humans is usually an issue to be heard. This year Director Animal Husbandry, Hyderabad has issued a regarding spread of highly infectious diseases among large (cattle & buffaloes) as well as small (sheep & goat) animals between April 2012 and June 2012 has appeared. The Director Husbandry has advised the owners to have their animals vaccinated against these diseases from nearby hospitals and dispensaries More>>>


Pakistan was gets hit by a severe dust storm whose origin was from Iran, in form of northeasterly winds. These winds touched coastal areas of Balochistan and entered Sindh, from there touched KPK and then Punjab due to lower air pressure. Normal visibility levels got extremely low in almost all areas of   Pakistan especially in Sindh and Balochistan, where normal visibility levels were 200 meters on first day of storm, where normally it is upto 6, 7 Kilometers. The winds were blowing at a speed More>>>

Wild life Situation Questioned and Discussed in Sindh Assembly

Dr. Diyaram, Sindh Wildlife Minister said that only foreigners were issued    permits for houbara hunting, whereas Pakistanis weren’t allowed for this. This was the statement given by him when he was asked a question about houbara hunting by Arif Jatoye, of National People’s Party. The Minster also admitted that no doubt wildlife was provincial matter but permits were issued  by Federal dignitaries under the 18th Amendment of allocation of houbara bustard hunting. More>>>

Brutal Killings of Indian Pangolin

Indian pangolin is found in Pakistan, locally called “salla”. It is brutally hunted for its scales within the country. It is near threatened according to IUCN Redlist of Threatened Species 2005. It is the only mammal in Pakistan that has hard keratinized protective scales on its body. People capture and sell it out due to  demand for its scales. The price of this animal is around Rs. 8000-12,000  (app. 100 US $). A team of PMAS AAUR has been doing research on Indian More>>>

Merlins Wood Signs MoU with KP and AJK Govts

In order to implement the United Nations initiative on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, known as UN-REDD with the goal of helping countries implement REDD+ strategies, Merlins Wood signed an MoU at a local hotel with the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to develop a REDD+ project in the province. The company also has a similar MoU in place with the Government of Azad State of Jammu More>>>

Cultural Treasure on Verge of Extinction

Juniper forests in Balochistan are a cultural treasure. These forests are located in Ziarat and Zargoon areas, of the province. The junipers in Balochistan are one of the biggest blocks in the world, but now slowly it is withering, as one can easily notice.  The juniper is a slow growing tree that is why called “living fossil”. Near Ziarat, are located the second largest juniper forest in the world, first being the juniper of California More>>>

Energy Crisis Makes Pakistan Go for Solar Energy

Pakistan has been suffering severe energy crises. Every industry, in homes, streets, people are witnessing extreme load shedding and suffering loses.People are looking for some alternate and cheap source of energy that can be utilized for longer time.  Need of the time is the solar panels, geysers, and solar tube well pumps that can save maximum energy. Pakistan needs to produce 16,000 MV of energy but manages to produce only More>>>

Falcons Taken away from Arab Sheikh Creates Problem for authorities in Pakistan

Pakistani officials seized falcons from an Arab Sheikh, who belonged to UAE, just because that he had no requisition paper. The airport officials handed over the falcon to the Wildlife officials for their proper care and look after, until the owner provided the required paper for these falcons worth million rupees. When Wildlife officials waited and observed that no one claimed for these falcons, they released More>>>


Low Temperature in North Coursing Water Shortages

level in river has remains low, pushing water shortage to 35% on 18th of April, 2012. Indus River System Authority (Irsa) has declared the water shortage upto 27%. Although Northern part of the country is facing lower temperatures, the water levels in the rivers have decreased significantly. On 18th of April the combined flow of the river was 104,700 cusecs against a healthy river flow of 237,500 cusecs on the corresponding day More>>>



Bear Baiting: A Brutal Blood Sport Practiced in Pakistan

The cruel hobby of bear baiting is more medieval torture theatre than the actual game, but it has snaked its way through the centuries under the guise of being a real sport. Much like dog fighting and cock fighting, bear baiting events are held at the behest of a crowd of delighted onlookers hoping to cash in on the bloodshed of More>>>

Hunting a Means of Animal Conservation

As there was little legal protection for animals in the old times, except, perhaps, in reserved shooting blocks, wildlife lost its habitat to agriculture, vanishing wetlands and huge numbers to poaching. Official response to this drastic loss came in the form of implementation of various rules and regulations to regulate More>>>

Marco Polo Sheep Number Increases in Wild, Inspite of Poachers

Counting sheep in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province may be difficult, but shooting them is easy enough when the weapon of choice is an AK-47. The Marco Polo sheep, named after the 13th century Italian explorer who first described for the western world, is considered one of the More>>>

Global warming affecting world in 8 ways

Global warming is resulting in extreme climate shifts and weather changes all around the world. Over the last 100 years, the earth has gained temperatures by about 1.33 degrees Fahrenheit (0.74 degrees Celsius) on average. This change is happening very fast, although it may seem minor — more than half of it since 1979, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change More>>>

Discovery of Brilliant All White Orca, off East Coast of Russia

Russian scientists discovered a new species of killer whale, the white orca. Being magnificently white, and beautiful, and after seeing its white fin, the researchers named it as the “iceberg”. It was spotted in North Pacific off the east coast of Russia. Researchers first spotted the mature killer whale with his pod of 13 relatives in August 2010 in waters around the CommanderMore>>>


Baby Gorilla Death Creates Hue Among People of Rwanda and Congo

In Rwanda, a baby mountain gorilla died, and it has prompted people of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo to launch joint anti-poaching patrols to protect this endangered species. Prosper Uwingeli, a conservationist in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park, which abuts the Virunga National Park More>>>



New species of catsharks discovered by scientists at Galapagos Island

A group of deep sea divers while doing research on Galapagos Islands, discovered a new species of cat sharks, that are 1.3 feet long, and are chocolate brown in color with small and large white spots scattered all over the body just like a leopard. Its sciebtific name is Bythaelurus giddingi. More>>>


Pakistan has an agriculture base for its economy. This potentially ensures food security for the nation and also provides foreign exchange. Fertile alluvial soil of flood plains and rain water are the two key elements of agricultural base of the country. Rain water supports flow of water in the Indus river system and recharging of ground water resources, providing additional support for agriculture. Summer monsoons are the major source of precipitation in the area More>>>