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Plant Ecology:

Plant Ecology

Plant ecology is a sub-discipline of ecology which studies the distribution and abundance of plants, the interactions among and between members of plant species, and their interactions with their environment. Plant ecology has its roots both in plant geography and in studies of the interactions between individual plants, populations of plants, plant communities, and their respective environments. Bioresource Research Center (BRC) ecologists help the local inhabitants of specific area to develop low water gardens. Endangered ecosystems are studied and research is conducted on protective measures which can be taken to protect the plants. Special vegetative analysis is done for every area and plates are made to describe the detailed assessment of plant with its visuals.

BRC has national park project AJK

Basic facilities and recreational activities are the essential needs of human life. Far flung areas of Pakistan are gifted with natural beauty but lack of planning and proper use of natural resources by local administration has spoiled the beauty of this area. National parks and nature reserves are developed in these areas to preserve the natural flora and fauna, lush green meadows and valleys and to protect this green beauty from pollution and cutting, animals from hunting and other protective measures to develop these far flung areas with their own resources. Natural beauty is enhanced to attract tourists, nature lovers and researchers of natural sciences towards the area.

BRC took the responsibility of developing these areas with their natural resources. Local inhabitants are guided to play their respective roles in preserving inspiring sceneries of their area. Discussions are organized with stakeholders to provide them alternate and guide them for the promotion of developmental activities. Dhirkot Nature Reserves (DNR), Toli Pir National Park (TNP), Banjosa Game Reserve (BGR), Pir Lasura National Park (PLNP) Pir Chinasi, Pir Hassimar National Park (PCPHNP), and Deva Vatala National Park (DVNP) are some of the areas which have been researched by BRC experts. Surveys are conducted on the socio economic conditions of local inhabitants, bird fauna, animal species and plants of that specific area. Detailed research reports exposed the internal conditions of these far flung areas. Conclusions are drawn and recommendations are made to strengthen the administrative setup and expand the infrastructure of that specific area.


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